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Give Back to Maui

FREE Gift: Marketing Success Bundle

I’m giving back to Maui, and I need your help. In fact, when you join with me to give to Chef Maui Maui Relief Efforts, I’ll give you my proven Email Marketing Success Bundle.

Your Email Marketing Success Bundle

For the past 20 years, I’ve built a proven playbook on email. Everything you need from creating customer personas to optimizing sales campaigns and email flows.

And for the first time ever, I’m giving away as my goodwill gift to you. I’m doing this as a way to say thank you for your contribution of $25 or more to Maui Chef.

In this bundle you’ll get:

Cold Outreach Quickstart Guide

How to Build a Money-Making Email List

Ultimate Email Sales & Marketing Funnel

Marketer Content Cheat Guide

Cold Email Template Playbook

How to create a small business plan

Normally, I’d sell this bundle as individual assets and charge $125+. But this bundle is just the beginning. We all know that knowledge without action doesn’t move the needle.

So if you are truly serious about leveling up your email marketing to maximize profits, convert leads faster, and better engage with your customers I have some additional special gifts for you.

In this bundle you’ll get:

For your contribution of $100 or more to Chef Hui Maui Relief Effort I will:

  • Do a personalized email audit of three of your email messages
  • Create 2 custom email templates you can use in your business
  • Host a 30-minute strategy call with you and your team so you know exactly which steps to take to maximize email engagement

All proceeds given on this page will go directly to Chef Hui via Donorbox. If you’d prefer, you can give directly to the charity and then send us a screenshot of your donation to claim your special offer.

About Chef Hui

Chef Hui is partnering with the University of Hawaii Maui College Culinary Arts Program and numerous local/national partners to rally our Chef Hui Ambassadors – composed of local cooks, farmers, and community leaders.

In the first six days of activation, Chef Hui and partners produced over 50 thousand meals at the University of Hawaii Maui College Culinary Arts Programs facilities. Restaurant-quality meals have been prepared for same-day delivery to shelters and community members in need.

As we decentralize to support the needs of local businesses, thousands of meals are still being prepared to serve the ever-changing needs of our community. Our statewide network of chefs is still preparing meals to be frozen and shipped to Maui through our partnership with Hawaii Food Alliance. These meals will be stored for later use, as we understand that the need for food will not go away.

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