Entreprov's Service Agreement

Entreprov email marketing automation services is a recurring subscription and currently month to month. Your commitment starts immediately once you pay. Payment will be collected at the same time every month from your starting date. Discounts on 4-month payment plans will vary based on the current promotion and your existing plan.

Upon completion of the minimum commitment, subscription for Entreprov marketing services, we will schedule a time for a review. This will involve reviewing our relationship and performance. At this point, we both can decide to renew our agreement or discontinue. Entreprov reserves the right to terminate our contract at any time if the client refuses to cooperate on project work or becomes unresponsive.

Since this is a collaboration, we expect you to do your share of work required throughout this relationship. That means showing up on time for meetings, providing materials needed, and being consistent with communication.

All project completion deadlines are estimates and may change depending on adjustment in scope and deliverables.

Should this Agreement be terminated, the CLIENT agrees to pay Entreprov for services covering the current month and for any reimbursable expenses incurred up until the effective date of termination, which shall be thirty (30) days from the date of written notice.

All contacts that you reach out to should have opted in for contact or have an easy way to unsubscribe. We do not use any client contacts for personal use and respect your privacy. All client contacts are protected and will not be shared with any external entity.

By checking this box, you agree to collaborate with Entreprov to provide necessary information that will aid Entreprov in providing optimal results. All fees are nonrefundable for the services provided as it requires time and labor. Additional emails beyond the agreed scope are $75 for email designs $90 for writing content or HTML designs. Up to 2 email revisions are included in any email project. Revisions beyond 2 requests will cost an additional $60.

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